There’s a tree I know

she sheds all her leaves

(once she even lost all her branches)

it doesn’t mean she’s dead.


She is waiting

sitting within herself

waiting, healing, sleeping

planning, waiting, grieving

waiting, waiting, hoping

believing, waiting, waiting

Here, kindly hold my mind for me.

Here, kindly hold my mind for me.

It keeps wondering into dead lands,
snooping into baren crevices, diving into gorges that dried up a million years ago when the star its searching the night sky for died and it shouts into black holes waiting for an echo with an outstretched ear that last heard the sound of gushing streams as they flowed back up into the brook they bubbled up from while the tree was yet a kernel and the sun a naked child of the galaxies running wild and free and the gods still paced the stellar highways as the worlds waged wars that rent tears in the earth that nile, amazon and ganges flow along.

Here, take my mind and hold it a while.

I carry the world

I once swallowed a map

So now the rivers flow through my veins, rapids and all

The mountains reside on my chest, their

potent volcanic lava settled in my heart

Deserts spread out on my back

The Amazon, Ituri and Asian Forests tossed a coin to

lay claim to the top of my head, underarms and crotch

The oceans pooled behind my eyes

But what became of the ice caps and glaciers, I can’t tell

maybe the map I swallowed was torn



It is time to exit the stage.

It has all become very tiresome and the storyline lost.

The director does not seem willing to cue me off,

so this is maybe an improvisation part of the play.

When I see a moment I shall marshal myself

off the stage, permanently out of the story.

Goodbye and goodnight.

Thanks for watching and to the cast; the show goes on.